X   “From nil to peak, from attack to sustain, from duration to release, from sustain to zero”, 2018

This axis is about the movement of going back and forth on a way you oscillate daily. It might give a continues progressive feeling of adrenaline. Something is about to happen because you are moving forward in space and time. Being in a constant horizontal movement gives a soothing idea of life. The traffic stops in between make you wander and give peace for a bit before the journey continues which needs your attention and let you from worrying.


Oscillation is the repetitive variation, typically in time, of some measure about a central value (often a point of equilibrium) or between two or more different states. A familiar example of oscillation includes a swinging pendulum which can be used as a metaphor for describing the current era describing “structure of feeling” which departs from the “plenty, pastiche and parataxis” of postmodernism in favour of a state of oscillation between the idealism and optimism of modernism and the cynicism and doubt of postmodernism: “It yearns for a truth it knows it may never find, it strives for sincerity without lacking humour, it engages precisely by embracing doubt”.

(Notes on Metamodernism, Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker, 2010).

This capture of the X axis is part of XYZ.